Want to buy ALL of Steam?

It will only cost you:



7481 games and DLC!

Wow! So cheap!

That's the price including discounts. There are currently 126 games and DLC on sale. The total price without discounts is $92064.87.

Last updated 2014-11-11 11:57:37.750546 UTC.

This is just a silly thing written to demo my Steam web API wrapper. Updates about once a day. Check back in a few weeks once I have a bit more data to see some graphs of how the prices change over time.


Once you install the Steam API Wrapper, getting this type of info is as simple as the following Python code:

from steamapiwrapper.SteamGames import Games
games = Games()
full_price = 0.0
discounted_price = 0.0
for game in games.get_all('US'):
	if game.price != 0:
		discounted_price += game.discounted_price
		full_price += game.full_price

But there's a lot more that you can do with it -- including getting info on users (games they own, wishlists, groups, etc), and info on TF2 and Dota 2 items. See the GitHub link above for more examples.

See also Steamplaytime to estimate how many hours it would take you to complete all your Steam games (a bit out of date as of this writing, but will hopefully be pushing some updates soon).